Pro Sports Are Not Fixed

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Tampa Bay Ray defeated the Boston Redsox last night sending the Rays to the World Series. There they will join the Philadelphia Phillies in what looks to be the worse matchup in recent memory.

There is at least one thing we learned from this Baseball Playoffs. Pro Sports are definitely not fixed. When the playoffs started, there were plenty of intriguing matchups. We could have seen an all Chicago or all Los Angeles World Series with both the teams from those cities making the playoffs.

It would have been a very interesting series if the Dodgers would have met the Red Sox with all the drama that would have happened with Manny Ramirez returning to the city who gave him up. But instead, we have the worse possible matchup for Major League Baseball. Who outside of Tampa Bay and Philadelphia is going to watch the series? With all the great possible matchups, how the heck did we end up with this? Only one explanation, the two teams definitely earned their spots.

Women's Store and Chairs

Wednesday, October 15, 2008
How is it that not all Women's Clothing stores have chairs for people to sit on. I recently went shopping at an outlet mall and had to go into several stores with my girlfriend. Yet very few of the stores had any chairs. How is that possible?

Think about it, many of these women go shopping with their husbands or boyfriends. Most of them are bored out of their mind as their wife or girlfriend shops. These men could probably bear it if there was at least a chair to sit on. I know when stores do have chairs, all the men inevitably migrate toward them.

There have been many a time I hurry my girlfriend from the store simply because I can't bear to just stand there anymore. She probably could have shopped twice as long in the store if there was just a place for me to sit.

Now I'm not asking for a luxurious chair. A piece of wood on top of two cinder blocks would work just fine for me. All a store has to do is buy a few inexpensive chairs and this would probably increase the time their clientele spends in the store and in turn increase the amount of money they spend.

Smart Phones - Not So Smart

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am a big fan of my smart phone. I use it a lot and I'm quite happy with it. But today I found one big problem with my phone. The Blackjack 2 has a QWERTY keyboard. This is fantastic when I have to compose an e-mail or a text message. However, it isn't so great when I have to call a phone number which is given to me in letters.

Imagine you have to call 1-800-1NUMBER on one of these phones. How the heck are you supposed to know which key corresponds to the letter 'n'. You can't unless you just happen to know it. I had to do this today, and I had to borrow my girlfriend's phone just so I could look at the number pad. Now what if I didn't have another phone to look at. How the heck would I have known what numbers to push?

OJ Simpson Found Guilty

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The number 13 is not a very lucky for OJ Simpson as it took the Jury 13 hours to find him guilty of robbery and kidnapping 13 years after he was found not guilty of double homicide.

Really? I mean how stupid do you have to be if you are OJ Simpson to go and rob someone at gunpoint to go get some lousy sports memorabilia? He got away with murder. After you do that, you should really try and stay low don't you think? I mean do you really want to tempt fate twice? Don't you think that if you get in front of another jury, they are going to be predisposed to try and balance the scales of justice no matter what they are instructed to do? People are human. There is almost zero chance that they are going to be able to separate what they know about you from the facts.

So seriously, if you get away with murder, try not to think you are superman here. You don't have some superpower where you can do whatever you want and get away with it. If you do get in front of a jury again, you better believe that you are going to be found guilty.