You Know Your Cat is Fat When ...

Saturday, September 12, 2009
You have to buy a dog harness rather than a cat harness.

How to Cook A Steak Without a Grill

Saturday, September 05, 2009

I'm a dude. I like meat but I do not like to cook. Actually, it is not so much that I do not like to cook as much as it is that I do not like to spend lots of time cooking. To that end, I am always looking for a way to cook good food with as little effort as possible. I just found a fantastic way to accomplish this by cooking a steak without a grill.

I started out with a nice ribeye steak I got from Trader Joe's. It cost me about $8.00 and it was big enough to feed both myself and my fiancee. Not too bad for a decent cut of meat. The way I prepared it was simple.

I let the steak come to room temperature and then I glazed it with a light coat of oil (try to find an oil that won't smoke too much, because you are about to create a lot of smoke). I seasoned the steak with some salt and some ground pepper and that was it. Good steaks should not need lots of seasoning.

I turned the oven on to 500 degrees. I put a skillet in there (make sure your skillet can go up to this temperature). I let the stove come up to temperature. After a few minutes I placed the hot skillet in an oven set to hi. Then I did the following:

  • Cook on one side for 30 seconds
  • Flip and cook for 30 seconds
  • Place back in oven and let sit for 2 minutes
  • Flip and continue to cook for 2 minutes
  • Remove steak from oven and skillet. Let sit covered for 2 minutes. (This is important. Do not skip. The steak will continue to cook after you remove it from the oven)
And that was it. The above comes out to a medium rare steak so adjust times accordingly to get the steak the way you like it.

That was seriously it. A total of 5 minutes of cooking and 2 minutes of letting the steak rest. The steak comes out remarkably tasty and juicy. I was shocked how easy it was. The perfect guy recipe.