Lasik: The Touch Up

Thursday, July 22, 2004
So on Tuesday I had the touch up with Dr. Kerry Assil. Jenny was kind enough to drive me there so a special shout out to her.

So how did it go? Well the procedure itself was different than last time. This time I kind of knew what to expect so none of it came as a surprise. The big difference is that they don't recut your cornea. They just peel back the original flap (I think I read that the flap never 100% heals itself) and then zap you again. That part was actually slightly more uncomfortable. Some people don't like the Microkeratome (the blade that cuts your cornea) because it sucks in your eyeball and than you hear a drilling sound as it cuts your cornea. That part didn't really bother me all that much. This time though they kind of move your cornea around to get it loose and that part was kind of strange and uncomfortable.

They zapped me and then sent me home. This time I remember the aftermath being much more painful which is strange since they had to do much less to me. Jenny wrote that she felt like she had shampoo in her eyes afterward. After my original procedure I felt no such thing but this time around I definitely felt it. It stung like a mother f*!#$r for the first few hours. Maybe that is just what you have to feel for the first few hours after to get good sight. :)

So the final verdict. So far so good. You can't really know the final result until a few weeks after the procedure but the initial results are pretty good. I didn't have that far to go to get to acceptable and it seems OK to me now. Whereas before it was a scary proposition to drive at night and I couldn't make out faces from far away indoors (making it impossible to check people out in the gym) I can do those things now. Is it 100% perfect. I don't know. Some things seemed slightly clearer right before the surgery when I had the -0.75 prescription and the glasses. So I would put it at about 98% good. But that may just be because it is so soon after the surgery. If things change one way or another I will of course post it.

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Kat said...


can you see me now?
how about now?
can you see me now?

Jen said...

How many fingers am I holding up? How about now?

missangel said...

I'm so happy it went well for question for you....are you happy you did it or would you have prefered to stick with glasses and contacts instead?

T said...

As my vision is right now I would say I'm glad that I got the surgery done. My contacts were very uncomfortable for me. As my vision was before the touch up I was not very happy. My vision was clearly better but it was off enough to annoy me. Since I didn't want to wear glasses all the time and couldn't wear contacts I was often frustrated by my lack of good vision. Not having good vision, even only slightly poor, for me is far worse than having to wear glasses or contacts and a heck of a lot cheaper.

Donna said...

Hi. We were writing back & forth before about our experiences, but i haven't written you in a while. Sounds like you are happy with your touch up? I wasn't. Dr. Assil only touched up one eye because the other had a central island that couldn't be fixed yet. The touched up eye is still not great and i have some ghosting. I am going back today for another evaluation. I am completely unhappy so far because i can't even wear glasses to fix it. I'm glad that it worked for you though.

Anonymous said...

I just had my right eye re-done after having had it done in 2005, and at first I could see distance really well, but I couldn't see my computer screen or the dashboard in my car. My doctor told me because it was the 2nd time I had it done, recovery would take up to 6 weeks, and my vision would fluctuate. Well, that was one week after the procedure. Now, 3 days later, I can't even read signs in the street! My eye isn't "fluctuating" at all; it just seems to be getting worse. I'm just really concerned that my eye will not got better. But then, I guess I just have to wait that 6 weeks before I'll know for sure.

Anonymous said...

What was the cost for the touch up?

T said...

It didn't cost me anything. Since it was 6 months after the initial it was included.

Supposedly if I wanted a touch up now, I would only pay the doctor's cost. I'm not sure what that would end up being.

Unknown said...

Do anyone know the average on touch up costs,after a year of having the surgery