My Vison: Four Months Later

Thursday, November 04, 2004
OK, this should probably be the final istallment about how my Lasik Procedure went barring any sudden blindless that might strike me.

Yesterday I went back to Dr. Assil's office for my check up after I had my touch-up. I have to say that I'm happy with my sight. Sometimes my eyes feel a little dry but that is to be expected. Every once in a while my sight gets a little wonky but it usually corrects itself in a few minutes. Overall my sight is very good. Probably better than when I had contacts. The doctor measured it at 20/15 and I could see that line pretty clearly.

My life has definitely changed now. My eyes aren't irritated nearly as much and I never have to worry about falling asleep with my contacts or remembering to bring a case wherever I go just in case I end up spending the night. Overall, well worth the money. I highly suggest it to anyone thinking about it.

Dr. Assil did a fine job. I think he is starting to become very very popular though which can be somewhat annoying. I hear his ads on the radio all the time and I get a hit or two a day on this little blog for people looking for info. Yesterday, I had to wait about 45 minutes just to see the doctor and for them to tell me I can see well. Yeah, big surprise. I know that Doctors are busy and it is hard to get an appointment but maybe I'm just old school in thinking that if you get an appointment you should be seen at that time plus or minus 10 minutes or so.

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Jenny said...

Has it really been 4 months since your touch-up?! Wow, that went by quickly.

Myself, I am happy with my LASIK surgery, which has been great since January. I don't get the dry eyes, but sometimes I've noticed that if I do a lot of reading or if my eyes have been working hard, that one of my eyes will go blurry for a split second. Usually, all I have to do is blink a few times to clear it, and at the worst, put in some drops. No big deal for the amount of freedom that I have now.

I get hits all the time from people coming from your LASIK post to my blog.

T said...

Yes, Jenny. I agree how wonderful it is to have a new sense of freedom.

I get hits all the time from your blog. You are probably my #1 referrer. However you don't have permanent links to your blogs so I can't figure out which post people are coming to my site from yours.

Little M said...

To T. who had Dr. Assil for Lasik, can you tell me how your eyes are doing now. I am scheduled to have the lasik surgery done next week and I want some final feed back. Your comments will be very helpful.

T said...

Little M,

My eyes are fine and I couldn't be happier that I did the surgery. Somtimes my eyes do get a little dry and irritated but that is due in large part to my cat.

I have no complaints about Dr. Assil and would recommend him and the procedure to anyone I knew.