Since When Does Shaq Play Defense?

Sunday, June 14, 2009
There are rumors right now that the Cleveland Cavaliers are looking to trade the Phoenix Suns for Shaquille O'Neal. After getting knocked out of the Eastern Conference Finals by the Orlando Magic, the Cavaliers are looking for an answer to Dwight Howard. And they think Shaq is the answer.

I hope this trade happens so maybe finally people will finally realize what I've been writing about for years. Shaq is not that great. True, he was at one time a dominant offensive player. The guy was fantastic on the low block. But he had one HUGE flaw. The guy just does not play defense. And now a team wants to trade for him so he can play defense.

Yeah, big mistake. Cleveland would be dumb to make this trade. Shaq can not play defense and he clogs up the lane. Think Lebron has a hard time driving the lane now when people pack the lane. Yeah, have him try it when the opposing team's center is just camped right in the middle of the paint.

Please let this trade happen. I really am interested in the outcome.