Women, Just the Way They Are

Thursday, February 06, 2003
Saw something on TV that really rubbed me the wrong way. So I'm a Smallville fan. I guess more accurately, I'm a Kristen Kreuk (Lana Lang) fan.

Well about two weeks ago there was this episode where Lana's old boyfriend ends up being killed. At the very end of the episode she finds Clark. She is crying. Clark tries to comfort her and she ends up telling her how all the important people in her life have left, her parents, her aunt, and now her ex-boyfriend. But Clark, wonderful Clark, has always been there despite the fact that she has accused him of things, she ALWAYS doubts him, and he keeps secrets (namely he's Superman) away from her. She doesn't care if he has secrets and just wants to make sure Clark is always in her life. So to me this should be some turning point where Lana finally stops all that crap and learns to just trust Clark.

Well this week Clark becomes "bad Clark" when exposed to Red Kryptonite. Lana sees Clark kissing her friend Chloe (who also is acting strangely) and Lana just loses it. In the end she finds out her friend had an illness but she knows Clark did not. She is still mad and asks Clark why he kissed Chloe. Clark tries to apologize and says its just one of those things he can't explain. Does Lana remember what she said two weeks ago? Does she just let it go because she realizes Clark always has her best interest at heart? OF COURSE NOT!


So when I pointed this out to Jenny the other day she summed it all very nicely, "So what?" Jenny pointed out to me that this is what girls do. She's right, and it is pointless to try and make any sense of it.