What is the World Coming to?

Saturday, March 01, 2003
In my trend for completely random topics I am going to talk about something that actually shocks me. I agree with Republicans. I know you are asking, "How can this be?" since I'm probably one of the most liberal people I know but I'm as dumbfounded as anyone else.

Democratic Senators are pushing through the Senate a bill which would have harsher penalties for Hate Crimes. That is, crimes committed against people because they are a specific race, gender, religion, and more controversially, sexual orientation. This bill actually has wide bi-partisan support except for one section, the evil empire known as the Conservative Right.

I'm sure my reasoning is quite different than the conservatives who oppose this bill. After all, we all know that the Conservative Right just don't like people who aren't exactly like them, that is to say white, wealthy, protestant, heterosexuals. My thinking is quite different. It make me uncomfortable legislating the way people think. What do I mean by that? Well aren't all violent crimes about hate? When someone kills someone else is there really any rational thought involved? Is it really worse to kill a person because they are Jewish than because he wears the wrong colors? To me, murder is murder. There are no degrees of how right or wrong it is to kill someone. It's all wrong. I believe trying to rationalize the irrational act of murder is both futile and dangerous.