Pat Robertson is an Idiot

Friday, January 06, 2006
If there is a reason I will never believe in any particular religion it's because of idiots like Pat Robertson and statements like this.

The callous way so called religious leaders can throw around the idea of divine retribution is just appalling to me. If God is so worried about smoting people who do bad things how come there are lots of murderers, child molestors, rapists, terrorist, etc. running around? Where is the line? How does God determine who he is going to smote and who he doesn't? If he hasn't smoted the murderers and child molestors, is he impliciting saying that those things are OK?


T said...

And before anybody says anything. Yes, I know Pat Robertson is extreme and he does not represent all or even most Christians.

Jen said...

I think Pat Robertson didn't go far enough. He should tell God to smite all of the people who take up two parking spaces. And what about the cell phone yakkers in the movies?

Maybe we can harness him into doing some heavy-duty cleanup around here!

Kat said...

pat robertson makes the baby jesus cry.

LaPopessa said...

Between this and all the other smiting Pat's been doing on behalf of God lately, it makes me think that Sharon isn't the only one with an arterial flow problem.

David Cho said...

You inspired me to blog about what Robertson said.

People need to understand why he said what he said specifically. Not necessarily the divine retribution part, but why he is so fiercely pro-Israel.

His motive is a lot more insidious than most people think regardless of which side you are on in the conflict.