Moving: The Good

Monday, February 13, 2006
Sometimes moving is a real pain in the ass. But I actually like moving. The thing about moving, is that I take it as an opportunity to clean house. It is amazing how much crap you can accumulate the longer you live at a place. I haven't moved in over 3 years, the longest amount of time I have lived in a place since I left my childhood home on my way to college. As I start going through things, I'm realizing how much crap I have that I probably don't need, and I'm starting to throw it out. I have old magazines, brochures, receipts, etc. things that I have absolutely no use for and end up taking space in a corner somewhere.

Out with the old in with the new. I did it with the job, now I need to do it with my stuff.


Lisa said...

I hear ya loud and clear! When I left FL I used aprox. 100 garbage bags just to get rid of the old to start the new! Good luck! It's a pain, but it makes your life so much easier when you are done!