Soda Machine Instructions

Sunday, June 11, 2006
One of the benefits for working at my company is that they give free soda. In most buildings this is accomplished by having large refrigerators with sliding glass doors where you can just reach in and get sodas.

However, in one instance, there is a building that has a soda machine. The soda machine does not take any money so you simply have to push a button and a free soda is dispensed. However, on this machine there are actually instructions on what to do. They are verbatim:

Instructions for Free Soda:
  • Select and push button of desired soda
  • Allow soda to drop
  • Reach in and remove soda from machine
  • Please remove 1 soda from machine
Now I work with supposedly some of the best and brightest people in the world. Are these instructions really necessary?


Jenny said...

I heard today that Microsoft has one of the best corporate cafeterias. Can you comment?

T said...

They are nice. I don't know if they are the nicest in the country. The problem is it is sort of a crap shoot. Some buildings have really nice ones, others do not. The food is OK, the prices are fair but not good. I hate the fact that the one in my building sucks.