Wii: Finally Got One

Friday, January 26, 2007
I had the day off this morning. I still got up at about my regular time and did my normal routine. I turned on the computer, and just to check I went to this site. And lo and behold there were Wii's available in my neighborhood.

I had seen some Wii's available in some other neighborhoods over the last few days, but like I said earlier, I had no intention of going out of my way to get one. So I got dressed and went down to the local Target. I had been following the Wii's availability all over the country using the above site. Not really because I wanted to get one, but more out of curiousity for how well Nintendo is doing. By following it I know when there are Wii's available they usually don't last very long. Lucky for me, I must have been one of the first ones there (nobody knows when these shipments normally drop, last time it was announced but it was a special circumstance). So I paid my money, and now I'm a proud owner of a Wii. Haven't played yet, but I'll update at some point with my thoughts.

I am very interested on how quickly my local Target sells out. I'll probably keep checking today and tomorrow to see if the shipment I was able to get one from sells out quickly.


T said...

Quick update, I checked online again to see availability, and they are already sold out. Less than 4 hours (maybe less since this is the first time I checked). Crazy.

Jenny said...

You should invest in Nintendo, based on how well you say they are doing.

Post a picture of your Mii!

T said...

I thought about buying into Nintendo months ago, but they are only available as an ADR and even then only on the pink sheets. Basically that means that if you live in the US, its not that easy to buy into Nintendo.

I actually have a derivative play with someone who makes certain parts of the Wii, but the effect on that company will be only very small.

Kat said...

i think the wii is ok, but i'm not that impressed. here's a semi-replication of mii. she can bowl a 163!

Jenny said...

Terrence, what happened to my request to see your mii?

Jenny said...

Also - you should connect with Danny or Joey so that you can get mine and Sergio's Miis. I'd help you with explaining how to do that, but I have no idea how it works...only that it can happen.