Shaq is NOT the Most Dominant Ever.

Monday, April 04, 2005

I'm getting really tired of people, namely Shaq himself, declaring Shaq to be the Most Dominant Ever. I said it when he was a Laker and I was rooting for him and I'll say it now that he is part of the Heat and I can't stand him, he is not, never was, and never will be, the most dominant player to play the game. How can I say that.

How many times has he done any of the following?

1. Lead the league in rebounds.
2. Lead the league in block shots.
3. Been named Defensive Player of the Year?

That's right, a grand total of 0 times.

OK how about leading the league in Scoring? 2
MVP's? 1

He has been in the league a total of 13 years. And has dominated the league how? Two scoring titles and 1 MVP.

OK he has 3 championship rings and 3 finals MVP. Yeah?

has 6 rings, 6 finals MVPs, 5 MVPs, 10 scoring titles, 1 defensive player of the year (which is ridiculous for a guard to win)

Russell - 11 rings, 5 MVPs, 5 time rebounding champ And probably would have had a dozen defensive player of the year awards and lead the leage in block shots if they had it back then

Wilt Chamberlain
- 7 scoring titles (once with a sick 50.4 scoring average), Lead league in rebounding 11 times and averaged an NBA record 22.9 RPG,

So please stop saying he is the most dominant ever. He is VERY good. Top 10 player no doubt. But Most Dominant Ever? Please. A big man needs to rebound and defend the paint, not just score.


Kat said...

he dominates the "super tall with huge feet" category, but i am afraid that is all. remember terrence: "shaq who?!"

Anonymous said...

Actually Wilt averaged 27.2 rebounds per game in his second season while scoring 38.4 ppg.

You ought to also mention that in 1968 Wilt led the league in assists at 8.6 apg while averaging 24.4 ppg and 23.8 rpg.

balldawg29 said...

Bill Russel played against small undersized white guys. He would be average in todays league at best.

Wilt "The Stilt" would struggle against todays muscled up adonis looking centres. Zo, The Admiral, The Dream, Karl Malone, Dirk, Duncan, Garnett. He couldn't best one of them, let alone Shaq.

Maybe he could compete with Arvidas Sabonis, Rick Smits, Dikembe, Yao, Shawn Bradley, Vlade Divac or Elden Campbell. Big Maybe tho.