Being A Team Player

Thursday, April 22, 2004
There is a lot of news right now because Eli Manning has told the San Diego Chargers he does not want t be drafted by them.

As background for those who don't know, the NFL draft is this weekend. San Diego, because they had the worse record in the league, has the rights to the first pick in the draft. Most experts consider the best quarterback in the draft to Eli Manning, son of Archie and brother of Payton.

Most people are calling out Eli Manning and calling him all sorts of names saying he is being selfish and that not a team player.

Now think about this. Why doesn't Eli Manning have the right to come out and say he doesn't want to play for a team. I agree he is being selfish but isn't it his right to speak his mind. Isn't this America or do we throw out the first amendment when it comes to team sports? What if someone told you you had to change jobs and work for a company that might go under in a few months but, since you are the best at what you do, you have to go work for this other company. What would you say?

I'm not arguing that San Diego doesn't have the right or shouldn't draft Eli. My point is that get off the kids back. If he doesn't want to play for them he is just being honest. If the Chargers draft him it is his choice to play or not play for them. If he wants to sit out then let him. We are all allowed to speak our mind and make our own choices, if Eli is willing to live with the consequences then who are we to say what his best interest are? And in the NFL, as the NFL teams are often so willing to point out to everybody when it works for them, its all about business. It's nothing personal its business, or so they tell us. Well when Eli Manning wants to make a business decision for himself then he is labeled selfish. How hypocritical is that?