The Rising Cost of Gas

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
Today, the price of a gallon of gas rose to above $2.00 a gallon across the nation (It's over $2.30 at my local gas station). This is the highest that it has ever been. My point is, yeah so what?

Americans just don't realize how good they have it. Take a look at the price of gas around the world. It isn't cheap. Making it worse is that many of these prices are from seven months ago when gas was cheaper AND these countries are all less wealthy than America so relatively gas is even more expensive.

Americans love their SUV's. Americans love to drive. Americans hate public transportation. I'm one of those who fall in the latter two. If you own a SUV or drive when you don't have to (And most people do. You can always walk that mile to the store, it won't kill you) then I feel you have very little reason to complain. We are a society that has created our own problems by ignoring public infrastructure and building communities where the nearest grocery store is 5 miles away. We did it to ourselves and have to live with the consequences.

Does that mean I don't feel bad for those who are truly poor and are severely affected by this? Of course not, but that doesn't apply to most of America, especially those who have enough money to buy an SUV in the first place and drive to their local air conditioned mall whenever it pleases them.


Amanda said...

I heard on the radio this morning that when adjusted for inflation, 1950s gas prices were actually higher than gas prices now, and those were the halcyon days of the automobile when cars were made of metal, gas was unleaded, and superfluous details like fins were de rigueur.

Anonymous said...

My pay has not increased in over 3 yrs, yet gas companies have raised their prices, steadily, since Bush was elected president. They have made a huge profit over the past 5 yrs, yet instead of giving the consumers a break, they only ask for more money. Try living on my salary and supporting a family as well. Maybe you will start to understand and lower the prices to a decent amount.