Because I Can't Resist a Challenge

Thursday, August 19, 2004
Because Kathryn threw the gauntlet down:

my favorite......

season: spring
color: blue
spring color: green

ice cream: Breyers Vanilla
cake: any ice-cream cake
ice cream cake: anything but Mint

car: Honda Accord (of course) or Mercedes SL65 AMG Convertible
tree: palm
car tree scent: I didn't really know there were different scents for this

letter: T
day of the week: Saturday
day of the week to send a letter: What type of question is this?

musician: Eminem
island: Have I ever even been on vacation?
musician to be stuck on an island with: Beyonce


Jenny said...

Mmm....I LOVE Bryers ice cream. How do they make it taste so good???