New Toys and Impatience

Tuesday, August 03, 2004
I just got a new Dell Axim X30. The thing I hate most about getting a new toy to play with is that normally with something like this you have to wait 8 hours or something like that to wait for the battery to charge.

I can understand why for some things you do not want to send a charged battery. If it sits on a store shelf for a very long time it is probably not good for the battery to hold a charge for that long. But why is this peculiar to rechargeable batteries? But discounting this notion, for something like this, which I ordered from Dell and they shipped it directly to me, you would think it would make some sense for them to ship me a charged battery. They know that chances are I will open and use the device as soon as the item is shipped to me.

If anyone knows why companies don't offer this service or at least have a theory let me know.