I'm Going to Be Rich

Thursday, October 06, 2005
I've decided I want to be rich. I'm serious. I made the decision last night.

I know what you are saying. Everyone says they want to be rich. But few people actually understand what it means to be rich and even fewer go out and do anything about it.

I realized something about me. I have an fear of being poor. This fear of being poor is probably holding me back from being rich. Strange huh? But I have almost nothing to be afraid of. I easily take in more in income than I spend. This is due in large part because I have the discipline to control my spending (which by the way is one of the keys to becoming rich but that is a topic for another day). I also have no debt so even if I lose all my savings it's not like they are going to start repossessing my belongings. Even if they did, I wouldn't care since I, unlike most Americans, do not base my happiness on my material possessions.

So why do I hesitate to take risk and go for broke? I have so little to actually fear but we are taught from such a young age to go to school, get a good job, save money, and play it safe. If I stay on the course I am on now I could be moderately wealthy in about 20 years all the while working hard, saving diligently, and not enjoying myself very much. Is that what I really want? How many really rich men got that way by playing it safe? When in life can you be successful without first failing? Sure, I'm going to take my lumps but isn't that what life is about?