What Are the Knicks Thinking?

Friday, October 07, 2005
He might just be the stupidest man on earth. What makes him more dangerous is that he wields a huge checkbook.

Yesterday, Isiah Thomas, GM of the New York Knicks, traded for Eddy Curry. In case you don't know, Eddy Curry was formally of the Chicago Bulls. He had a very contentious fight with the Bulls over his heart (not that he has shown any heart in games but that is a different story). Eddy Curry had to miss the playoffs last year because of heart problems. One heart specialist has suggested that Eddy Curry undergo a DNA test to see if he is prone to heart problems. Eddy has steadfastly refused and demanded to be traded. No Insurance company will touch the contract so if any team signs him, they are on the hook for the FULL amount of the contract.

Now, I back Eddy Curry on his refusal to take the test. It all seems like a scene straight out of Gattaca for me, requiring you to take a DNA test to see what your potential (both good and bad) really is. But there is no way I do what Isiah Thomas does. Give a man with a potential heart problem a GUARANTEED 6 Years and 60 million dollars.

In Isiah's small defense, the contract is reportedly only guaranteed for six years if Curry can play for three years. But my real concern is that Eddy Curry is

  • Fat
  • has a poor work ethic
  • He is a horrible rebounder
  • He is a horrible defender
My concern if I'm Isiah is not that Eddy Curry will have heart problems. It's that Eddy Curry is going to suck and I will have to pay him for six years (The contract only becomes void after three if Curry can't play, not if he sucks). What's worse, Eddy has an out in four years. So if Eddy turns up to be any good he walks after four years. So you take a huge gamble on a guy, it works out, but when you start reaping the benefits the guy can leave you.

But wait, it gets worse. Since Curry's contract is uninsured he is essentially untradeable. No other team is going to take on such a huge contract when insurance won't cover it, the Knicks are the only team with that kind of money. So you are definitely stuck with Curry no matter how bad he is. Add that to the fact that the Knicks essentially traded a bunch of draft picks that will only get better the WORSE Curry is than you have a really bad deal.

Look up idiot, and Isiah Thomas may have a picture there.


Kat said...

it bugs me that his name is spelled I-S-I-A-H. where the heck did the other A go?!

susan said...

That reminds me of how I felt when the Dodgers traded for Darryl Strawberry. What were they thinking! It didn't work out of course. But at least (ha ha) they fooled the Giants into taking him.

Anonymous said...

Well after passing a rigorous medical testing program, Curry has remains perfectly healthy till this day. And his contract is 6 years 56 million. Thats about 9 mil per which is a damn decent contract for a center of his caliber. Almost cheap. And btw, his contract was insured after 3 years. Oops. Did I spoil everyone's fun of Isiah bashing?


T said...

Are you really trying to come on this blog and defend a team that is currently 6-17 and not looking like its going to get any better?

And yes, Curry looks perfectly healthy right now. Please come back when you get 3 out of 6 full seasons from him. If he pans out, I will be first to admit I was wrong. And please come back when he learns to rebound and play defense. I mean can you really be excited about 6 rebounds a game?

Anonymous said...

It's 2008 and Curry is still hurting the Knicks. Isaiah Thomas, the worst GM in NBA history. What were the Knicks thinking when they hired Isaiah?