Expensive Jeans

Friday, December 02, 2005
My one guilty pleasure, the only thing I really waste money on, is designer jeans. Since I have bought my first pair of designer jeans, I have never gone back. The other day I was in the store with my girlfriend and we saw a beautiful pair of jeans from Citizens for Humanity. They were however $200. I don't mind spending $160 but $200 is starting to be a little ridiculous. Still, I was so tempted to buy them. Besides, what is $40 when you are already paying $160

I'm not the only one though. Here is an article about expensive jeans. It seems there are some jeans that retail for $10,000. Makes my $200 seem little in comparison.


Jen said...

You could always send a thank you card to the folks who spend more money than you do. But that would bring your total to $203.37. Perhaps that's a bit much. :)