What's With Restaurant Service Lately?

Monday, December 05, 2005
In the last few weeks, I've been to several restuarants where the service was severely lacking. I was even forced to not leave a tip on two occasions and only reluctantly left one in another instance.

I like to tip, even though I do not believe tipping should be mandatory. But the service at these places was just atrocious. In one instance, they got the order wrong. Then, they didn't bring out all the food at once but insisted the rest was coming. The food that did come was spicy and my girlfriend was drinking lots of water. Did they come by to fill her glass? No. She ended up drinking my glass. Fifteen minutes later they had still not brought the rest of the order. So I asked again. They hadn't even started on the food so I canceled the order and left hungry.

Now, I can be a pretty patient guy. I can understand if the place was busy then the service might be slower. But seriously, we were there at lunch and there were two other tables of two there! And there were two servers. So two servers, three tables, six guests. Doesn't sound like impossible odds to me. To make matters worse this was a sushi place, you write down your own order. How do you mess up an order when the customer checks what he actually wants? I use to go to this place regularly just because it was conveinent. I won't go back again. It is Woomi Sushi in the Santa Anita Mall. I suggest you don't go there either if you like a restuarant that actually has service.


Jen said...

Wow, that really stinks. I've never had a situation that was bad enough that I left no tip. I did once have a very pregnant waitress who smoked while taking our order, though.

T said...

I couldn't believe it either. I left dumbfounded that the service could be so bad given the situation. Maybe if it were busy, i would have been more understanding, but there was nobody else in the friggin restaurant!