Name on Parking Spaces

Thursday, April 06, 2006
The company across the way has a number of parking spaces with signs saying things like, "Space reserved for John Doe" .

I hope someday to rise through the ranks of corporate America. I hope someday to be important enough to deserve my own parking spot which would be reserved soley for me. But I know for sure that in no way shape or form do I want my name actually on the parking spot. What is the point of that? You can just as easily reserve the spot by saying "reserved" and assigning a number to it. I'm not sure why you actually have to have your name on the spot. Does it make these people feel more important? "Ooh look, I'm important enough to have a sign with my name on it in front of this empty space."

It just seems kind of over the top to me. It has no real tangible advantage other than trying to reinforce the owner's own self importance but has the real disadvantage of promoting animosity from others.


Kat said...

at unlv you can get a parking block all to yourself but it costs like $500/yr.

Ryan said...

At Caltech the president (Baltimore, currently) has a spot reserved with his name in at least 4 different places on campus. The real stupidity of this is that the president is also given a house on campus (with a many-car garage and huge driveway). So, there is no need for Baltimore to use spots. I doubt he's ever used his parking spaces, but they remain reserved with his name. Clearly, this is just a status thing. To stay, "hey look, this guy is more important than you." It really sucks that they'd ticket people for parking in a spot that's never used just for the sake of some guy's status (especially on a campus with vastly insufficient parking).