Old Alumni

Monday, August 07, 2006
I got an e-mail this weekend that made me feel quite old. It was sent to Princeton Alumni in Southern California (I'm still on the distribution list) and it read,

we encourage all young alumni (2001-2006) and undergraduates to come

Considering that I'm just outside that range, I have to admit, I felt a little old that I'm no longer considered a "young alumni". I mean, when the heck did that happen?


Jenny said...

:( I'd say you weren't old, but the matter of the fact is that we're nearing 30. It's not like we're spring chickens anymore.

The good news is that you still must get the PAW, which, as we both know, is a riveting piece of monthly literature.

Went to the Souplantation last night. Was delish!