Tuesday, August 29, 2006
I played paintball with my team from work. I have to say it was pretty fun. It was pretty tiring, and pretty intense, but overall I really liked the action and the strategy that was involved. The only thing that really needed to be improved was the fact that my mask kept fogging up making you blind on the field (you are not allowed to take off your mask during play). If you could just make sure your mask didn't fog, you would have a huge advantage.

Now that I'm home and got to shower up one thing really sticks out, all the bruises I got. Everywhere where I got shot there is a pretty sizable and dark bruise. Since I don't play very often (or ever) I don't have the gear that most people probably have to prevent such bruises.

All in all, even with the bruises, I would still go play again.


Jenny said...

Did the paint pellets hurt you when they hit you? That is what frightens me not to play paintball.

T said...

It wasn't horribly painful. It felt like a rubberband hitting you pretty hard. I wouldn't let the thought of the pain deter you from playing it if you are interested.

T said...

I also have to relate this story. There is a guy on my team who is very good at telling stories so I may not do this justice. But after paint ball he was telling me how he was locked in a battle with an opponent for 5 minutes. His mask was fogged too so he couldn't quite make out the opponent.

He kept shooting at the opponent and was sure he was hitting him, but for whatever reason the enemy wasn't declaring himself hit. So finally, my coworker said screw it and lifted his mask to take a better look.

He stared at his opponent who was just standing out in the open ... It was a tree.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised; trees are notorius cheaters.

Jenny said...


Jenny said...

Have you heard of this?