Brian Cook Traded

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Today is one of the happiest days on earth if you are a Laker fan. Today, the Lakers traded Brian Cook and Mo Evans for Trevor Ariza. Brian Cook was by far my least favorite Laker. He was horrible. The picture I put next to the post says it all. It is of Brian Cook "defending" another guy. I put "defending" in quotes because the next time Brian Cook defends someone, it will be his first time. You notice how the other player is going right by Cook and he seems to be jumping out of the way. You aren't imagining it, it is what he is doing.

The guy is horrible, and completely one dimensional, and he isn't even great in that one dimension. If the Lakers really wanted someone to just stand outside the three point line and occasionally hit one, I'm available. I may even be headed back to LA so it would be an easy transition.

They got back a Player in Trevor Ariza that is young, athletic, and a pretty decent defender. Not much of a scorer, but with Kobe Bryant (for now) do you really need someone who is a scorer. No, you need someone who can defend the other teams wing player, which is something I hope Ariza will bring. But for me, it really isn't the point. The Lakers could have traded Brian Cook for a bag of chips, yes a bag of chips, and I still think the Lakers would have gotten the better end of that deal. Talk about overpaid athletes, Cook is just stealing money from whichever team he is playing for.


Tyler said...

I have been wondering when they were going to move Cook ever since they signed Radmanovic, because those two guys have the exact same game. Radmanovic is just as one dimensional and is horrible on D.

I like Ariza, but Mo Evans looked like he was turning the corner.

I am still wondering when "the big trade" is going to happen. Either they trade Kobe or they trade Odom and Bynum. Something's gotta happen there.

T said...

I think Radmanovic brings significantly more than Cook. He isn't the best 1 on 1 defender, but his athleticism is decent, and cook makes him look like Bruce Bowen out there.

If the price of getting rid of Cook was giving up Mo, I'm OK with it.

No way the Lakers trade Bynum now. He looks way too good in the early part of the season.