No Smog Test on Sundays

Wednesday, February 13, 2008
I went to go get a smog test for my car so I can get it registered in the state of California. I found out that you can't get a smog test in California on Sundays. Apparently, for a smog test to work, it has to have a link to a computer in Sacramento. And apparently this link isn't up on Sundays.

So let me get this straight. In this day and age where we have the internet, and we have phones that can keep you connected anywhere you are, they can't keep up a computer and a data link on the weekends? What type of technology is the state of California running on? An abacus?


Trevor said...

Maybe you could sign up with them to support the link, and then respond to pages and angry customers on Sundays when it's broken. :)

T said...

It's a pretty fair point Trevor. I have no idea how often this link might fail and the types of issues someone at the control center has to deal with. If it takes a team of people to actually monitor it, than yeah, that would make some sense to not have it on on Sundays. If it would take one person sitting

Admittedly I am biased. I work at a company where we have monitoring of our Network 24/7/365. If something does blow up, I do get paged, so I expect to some degree the same level of service. But this is the government, and we wouldn't want to expect too much from them.

Jenny said...

Does not sound like 5-9s technology. Maybe there was a market for Continuant up in Sacramento.