Noisy Upstairs Neighbors

Monday, March 10, 2008
What to do, what to do. My upstairs neighbors are pretty loud. It hasn't really bothered me very much until recently but I swear they must have taken up wrestling because that's what it sounds like.

I swear this is the last time I live in a downstairs apartment. Actually, I'm pretty sure this is the last apartment/condo I'm going to live in at all. Neighbors suck. It really is that simple. Most people just are not considerate. They either run around all night on hardwood floors or have dogs that bark at all times of the night.

I just don't quite get it I guess. My last apartment was a middle apartment and I can tell you that my girlfriend and I were very aware of the noise we made and when we made it. In the middle of the day, it's understandable, but later in the night, when people are just trying to relax, it is just downright rude.


Anonymous said...

I have an upstairs neighbor whos dog runs around and jumps on and off the bed and couches and its sounds liek a piano dropping on the floor. I feel liek im losing my mind. I have talked to them about, they know about it but it does not stop.
I cant sleep I cant going crazy

Middle Man said...

You have my sympathy. I too long for a detached property. Perhaps this will explain why:

Anonymous said...

I hate my upstairs neighbor. She has the voice of a crow, stomps around her wood-floored apartment (with no sound-proofing between) in clogs and invites her loser boyfriend over to her apartment every night even though she lives in an apartment the size of a cereal box.

Then there's her dog that tears around her apartment and grabs a bone or something and thumps it on the floor as hard as it can to "kill it" every time it gets excited.

She goes stomping up and down the stairs of our building more than the rest of the people in the other 12 apartments combined. Seriously around 30 times daily. I would recognize her stomp and her crow-voice anywhere (since she obsessively yammers on her cell phone all day and night). Maybe she'll get the brain tumor from it. I can only hope. As much as she uses the thing, I can only imagine she's exceeding all safety limits.

I keep hoping the dog will run away since I think it's the reason boyfriend has to come to her tiny place every night and she never goes anywhere (except to stomp in and out of the building).

Since she just graduated from Law School, I hope she only gets job offers on the other end of the state and has to move.

Though she doesn't try to be horrible, she's an inconsiderate, self-absorbed idiot. I've talked to her about quieting down, given suggestions to remove her clogs, try to be quiet after 10 pm and before 8 am, etc. They never stick. She might be better for a day or a week but always returns to her old stomping, screeching habits.

Anonymous said...

I realize that I am responding to an old post but I do agree with the original poster that most neighbors are inconsiderate.

My upstairs neighbors run and stomp even after I have asked them to tread lightly.

The "lady" of the house wears high heels on tiles. I wish she would lose the ability to move around sicne she drives me nuts.

Lauren Taylor said...

Oh sweet Jesus I'm in hysterics reading these comments. I'm on the first floor. My old neighbor moved out. Now I have a new neighbor who even even louder and has a giant was dog who leaps from furniture like a horse. It sounds like bombs are being dropped all night and scares me out of my skin.