Running Red Lights

Tuesday, April 01, 2008
Something funny must be going on in Southern California. On two different occasions today, someone has seen fit to run a red light right in front of me, almost causing an accident. The thing that even makes it more sad is the fact that both these cars were already stopped at the red light. It wasn't as if they were speeding to try and cross the intersection before the light went from yellow to red. The light was already red for them and they decided to just drive right through.

I'm not sure if there is a question on the DMV test that reads

Red means

a) stop
b) go

But there should be and if you miss it, it should be an automatic failure FOR LIFE. Maybe because it is April Fools day people decided to see if I was paying attention.


Jenny said...

Maybe they saw a green turn arrow and interpreted it as a green light?

T said...

maybe on the 2nd one, since I had a green left arrow. But definitely not on the 1st guy