Getting Older

Monday, May 05, 2008
I know I'm getting old. I know this for two reasons.
  • I played in a softball game yesterday. It was literally the first time I played in a game in over 18 years. The fact that I can say I did it 18 years ago is bad enough but not why I'm old. I'm old because today my legs are quite sore from running the bases twice and fielding a few balls. Just sad.
  • I keep hearing the song "No Handlebars" and I just don't get it. You know you are old when you can say, "I just don't understand today's music."

It also doesn't help that I am starting to be one of the "older" guys at work. I'm actually probably right in the middle at this point, and I work in a pretty youthful company. But still, when the heck did that happen?


Jenny said...

I don't get the new handlebars song, either.

T said...

That's because you are as old as I am :)

Foucher said...

Wow, good song. I'd never heard it before.