Pasadena Gold Line

Sunday, July 27, 2003
This weekend I rode the Pasadena Gold Line. It was quite an experience. I liken it to the opening of a big Hollywood movie. We got on the line at the Allen stop, it is the second stop on the line if you are going toward Los Angeles. You would expect to be able to get on the train if you are on the second stop but the train was quite full when we arrived on the platform. We finally did get on, I had to stand the entire way to Union Station. Most people were in a pretty good mood considering how crowded it was but some people were kind of grumpy which I didn't really understand. I guess these people have never been on a subway somewhere else because it gets a lot more crowded on the NYC subway during rush hour.

We took the red line to Pershing Square and caught Shakespeare's "The Merry Wives of Windsor" . It was given by Shakespeare Festival of LA. It was pretty good. Like all Shakespeare, I had to really pay attention to get what was gonig on but I enjoyed it nevertheless.