Praise for Windows XP

Tuesday, July 29, 2003
Yes you read the title correctly. I actually have something nice to say about Windows. For those of you who know me know that I sing the praises of Linux because quite frankly it's better. However, I'm not so biased as to not give credit where credit is due. Windows XP is actually a pretty decent system. Its relatively stable and has the "slick" factor of a pretty good interface.

This weekend I had a good experience with Windows XP. However it was created by a bad experience I had so I guess the two cancel each other out. This past weekend I tried to watch a DVD on my laptop. I've done it before successfully but for some reason it wouldn't work this weekend. I tried several DVDs that I knew worked before but with no success. After much contemplation I figured out that it must have been when I updated the video driver off of Microsoft Windows Update page. Those who have read my rant know how much I hate my Sony Vaio. Well this is the perfect example. I update a driver and something doesn't work. Sony Vaios, and I guess laptops in general, can be very particular about the drivers you use for it. To make a long story short I found this very useful feature in Windows XP that basically allows you to "roll back" your driver in case something went wrong. I use this feature and everything works fine now. Wow, Microsoft did something right.