A Different World

Thursday, June 17, 2004
For those who don't know I'm in Chicago for the week. Actually I'm in Naperville for the rest of this week and in Chicago starting this weekend. We are going to a show, SUPERCOMM 2004, and my department put together all the demos. I'm here to make sure they work.

So here is my take on Chicago so far. (I've been here before but here is what I've noticed this time)

- There are no non-white people here. Maybe in downtown there are but here in Naperville, I haven't seen anybody of color

- There are no foreign cars around. I use to wonder when I was young how Ford and GM were always the best selling cars in America when most people I knew had foreign, Japanese or German, cars. Come to mid-america. The mystery goes away.

- Its too humid. Then again, anywhere above 5% humidity is too much for me

- Houses are HUGE. I'm so use to living in NYC and in California that its strange to see these houses that are 2x as big as those in California and probably cost 1/4 the price.

- I really like traveling. I know most people don't but I really do. I waited 1 hour to even board the shuttle (they screwed up my reservation) and I didn't even get that mad. I like having my bed made and my clothes picked up for me. I like not worrying about having to make dinner. I like seeing different places and cultures (see above). Even when I was a consultant and traveled every week I didn't mind it too much. I figure I'm young and single and might as well do it now.


Kat said...

southern california is almost always over 10% humidity. today los angeles has 70%. be glad you're in chicago.

Ryan said...

actually, most humidity measurements for "Los Angeles" aren't very representative of the city. the weather channel, et al. only give the measurement taken at LAX which is right by the ocean. humidity levels will drop off quickly as you go inland, particularly when you get close to mountains (like Pasadena). even so, the humidity is normally higher than 10%. the important thing, however, is that when the temperature goes up, the humidity level tends to drop so we almost never have days of 85F and 80% humidity which are common in places like Chicago.

susan said...

"I like having my bed made and my clothes picked up for me." They pick up your clothes?! I suppose if the maid encounters clothes on the floor she picks them up - does she fold them, hang them up? I guess I've never left clothes lying around in a hotel. Maybe I will just to see what happens. Don't get me wrong, I've left clothes lying around in my house just never thought of doing it when away from home.