Moving once again

Thursday, August 04, 2005
Due to the downsizing of my company we have found it necessary to shuffle people around and consolidate space. I am now in my new office, my 5th new space in 2.5 years. It is probably the worse space I have had thus far but I'll get use to it and adjust. I have always said I could work so long as they gave me a computer and a patch of space on the floor. I just never thought I would really have to prove it.


Jen said...

Be grateful that you have a job, albeit with a crappy office. Your company has downsized how many times now?

T said...

First, I'm not really complaining about my office. I would never do that. Like I said, they could give me a piece of floor and I could live with it.

Second, I would never say that I feel "grateful" for having a job. That implies my employer is doing me a favor by keeping me around when in fact it is a mutual exchange for mutual benefit. My employer is as lucky to have me around as I am to have a job. Maybe it's that attitude (however arrogant it may seem) that I have worth, that has kept me around so long.

All things happen for a reason. I'm sure many of those who got laid off will tell you its one of the best things to happen to them. They found new jobs and were able to move on with their lives.