A Rare and Terrible Disease

Monday, August 15, 2005
I think I have a disease. Most people in America have a problem with spending too much money. They can't seem to save any money and go more into debt every month. They treat credit cards like its free money and buy expensive gadgets as if they were food. For some, it is a serious addiction.

I on the other hand suffer from an even rarer disease; I suffer from the exact opposite problem. I can't seem to force myself to spend any money on things I don't really need but would really enjoy. Case in point, I just received a rather large sum of money from my company since it is "closing" its doors. (I still have a job, don't worry) They paid me out all my vacation (which was at its max), my personal days, and my two weeks of severance. This turns out to be quite a bit of money. What am I going to do with this money? Put it in the bank and find a way to invest it.

I actually have started a program for myself. I have told myself that every month I have to spend a small but significant amount of money on something I would not normally buy myself. This can't be used for things like dining out, clothes, etc.; things I would buy myself anyway. Hopefully, slowly, I can find a way to beat this disease. I started last month and believe it or not I didn't spend the money. It's hard, believe me. This month I forced myself to buy the aforementioned DVD burner. I'll have to beat this thing with Baby steps.


Kat said...

i think you should give me a portion of your money and let me show you how to do it. LOL