The Price of Gas

Wednesday, August 31, 2005
You know how I know the price of gas is getting out of hand? My boss just recently stopped driving his SUV to work and started driving his wife's sedan instead to save on gas. My boss makes six-figures.

When you have people who make lots of money start worrying about the price of gas, you know the rest of the country has got to be nervous. Most of the stations around here are hitting the $2.90 mark. No doubt about it, it will hit $3.00 by this weekend.

I'm not all that nervous. If it hits $3.00 or even $4.00 so be it. I'll just have to find a way to drive less. Crap, that San Diego drive every other week is going to kill me.


T said...

$4 gas may happen sooner than I thought.

Kat said...

maybe if people spent less on starbucks they could afford $4/gallon gas. each tank is like 20 lattes.

T said...

I have no problem with the rich getting squeezed and not being able to buy their lattes. It is happening to everyone and those who bought big expensive SUVs are paying the price now.

But imagine how much this is hurting those less fortunate. This must be brutal. I filled up my tank for about $40 yesterday. It will be $50 by next week. I barely drive, I can't imagine doing that twice a week.

It's really a double whammy for the the middle-class and the poor. Not only do they spend a higher percentage of their income on energy needs they also tend to live further from work as housing is cheaper the further away it is from the city.

susan said...

On the other hand, maybe it takes getting squeezed for people to demand alternative energy sources or to demand that car makers produce more hybrid cars. Gas in Europe has always been expensive and people drive smaller cars and use mass transportation. Maybe to save money people will start ride sharing.

Kat said...

in l.a. housing is cheaper the further away it is from the city. here, i can live less than one mile from work and save $900/month in living expenses... but i live 10 miles out because i'm not a fan of homeless people living on my front porch.

Anonymous said...

The price of gas is really hurting Kelly right now. Long commutes (apparently a staple in LA) will probably affect the real estate market (stuff close to jobs/the city will probably get more expensive as people move closer to commute less). Although I personally say more people should ride motorcycles. 40+ MPG anyone?