A Better Blogger

Thursday, October 28, 2004
OK. I am promising to be a good blogger from now on. I have finished some other things that required a great deal of my time and now should be able to be a more regular blogger. Inspired by Jenny I will attempt to blog every day.

I was going to blog something about Politics today, but I've done that the last few times and I will save my post for Monday and Tuesday as it will be more appropriate there too. So having a lack of anything else to talk about I'll review a DVD I got from Netflix, Love Actually. I am going to give away the ending so read at your own peril.

I actually liked this movie. I didn't at first because it is basically is about 8 different VERY loosely related love stories. At the beginning things keep jumping back and forth and there really is just too much to track. Some of the stories get jumbled and its hard to keep all the characters and stories straight.

What I liked most about it was that not everyone gets a happy ending. Some of my favorite movies are movies with miserable endings (all time most miserable ending Last American Virgin). Hollywood endings are boring because you always know what is going to happen.

But in Love Actually three of the stories don't really end with the traditonal happy ending. Two of them are mediocre. A cheating husband, (Alan Rickman) gets caught but this story is really unresolved at the end. A guy who is in love with his best friend's new bride, Keira Knightly, tells her he loves her but appropriately nothing comes of it.

The only "bad" ending involved Laura Linney's character who is in love with a coworker. Unfortunately she has tremendous guilt about her sick brother who constantly calls her. In a romantic encounter with the coworker, she is interrupted by a call from her brother and blows off the guy to run to help her brother. In the end she is left alone on Christmas. She ends up calling her brother.

Not terribly interesting today I know but I'll try and do better in the days to come.


Jenny said...

I think I remember liking Love Actually, but not LOVING it.