God and Sports

Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Yesterday, after the Redsox defeated the Yankees to force a game 7, Curt Shilling thanked God for making it possible.

Now I'm not here to say prayer does or doesn't work. Jenny has shown in the last few weeks that her praying is completely responsible for lots of good things happening for me :)

What I don't understand is do people really think God, if there is one, cares about the outcome of a sporting event? After every event someone thanks God for letting them win. I guess if there is a God then he is omnipotent and it technically would not be a big deal if he decided the outcome of every little thing. Now, I am sure there are people on both teams praying for the outcome of the game to go their way. How does God decide who wins? Is it who prays harder? Which team has more people of the correct faith? Maybe whoever sacrifices the best tasting chicken?

By the way, if the RedSox really are able to pull out the series after trailing 3-0 then it must have been an act of God that saved them.


susan said...

"And I prayed as hard as I could. I didn't pray to get a win or to make great pitches. I just prayed for the strength to go out there tonight and compete, and He gave me that." So I don't think Curt is saying God gave the Sox the win, he just is thankful God gave him strength.

T said...

Susan, read my post again. I didn't say Curt said God gave him the win. I said God made it possible. God gave him the strength to let him go out there and pitch well.

The point of my post was not really about this specific instance. My point was that Athelets often do thank God for giving them the win and I am just curious if people think that God really cares who wins or loses a baseball game and if he, or if you are in Jenny's theology class she, decides who wins.

Anonymous said...

well, maybe there's a little boy out there who is a big fan of Curt Shilling. And maybe God wanted to influence that little boy. and maybe God knew that if Curt won, then he would say to the world that God is his strength. And it's not that God cares whether a baseball team wins or loses, it's that God cares about other things that we don't see.
(kinda like in that movie "Signs" where God brought the aliens just to earth just to restore Mel Gibson's faith).
well ..... MAYbe. It could happen.

T said...

Yeah, but isn't there a little girl out there who would love to see Alex Rodriguez win a world series? And Alex would thank God as well if they got to win. So how does god decide between the little girl and the little boy?

Anonymous said...

There is no little girl :)

Anonymous said...

I believe that all of us are part of God. In the bar I was in, all of us wanted the Red Sox to win, therefore, God wanted the Red Sox to win.
George Steinbrenner has more money than God (i.e. more money than all of us put together) so he is not God. Therefore, Steinbrebrenner is Satan and he was sent down.