Friday, October 15, 2004
We are getting lunched delivered and they are charging a 12% gratuity for delivery. So now tipping is mandatory?

I hate this. Before people get on my case let me say this. I always tip and I tip generously. It is not at all unusual for me to leave 20 or 25% for a tip if the service is good and I always leave 10% even if its bad. I have also worked as a busboy and a server so I know what it is like.

But tipping should NEVER be mandatory. I do not want to hear arguments about how the waiters or waitresses are losing money because their wages are less because tips are factored in. It does not matter. You go to a restaurant to be served. The cost of this service is factored in into the cost of your meal. Tipping is meant to be a way of saying, "Thanks for giving me excellent service ABOVE AND BEYOND what is required." For me this is normally the case if the person just says hello, smiles, and comes by once to make sure I'm OK. If I have to flag the person down more than once then something is probably wrong.

If I ever own my own restaurant this is what I'm going to do. I'm going to pay the highest wages around for my servers. I will only hire the best people I can find. If I find that my servers are below par then I will get rid of them and get better servers. The best servers will want to work for me because I pay the best wages. They will work hard because they will know that if I don't get their best I can find someone else who will give it their all. I believe people go to restaurants probably more so for the service than the food (I'm biased since I don't like food I know) so I will make it my top priority to have the best service.

Then, I will post a sign and place a note on the menu that states

"Tips are not requested nor expected. It is our pleasure to serve you to the utmost of our ability."


Stezie said...

I agree with you.

David Cho said...

I know in Korea and Japan, it's not customary to tip people. I don't know about elsewhere. It's interesting that tipping is taken for granted in this country.

susan said...

I agree with you too. I hate forced tipping. Just charge a delivery fee if you want to cover the charge for delivery. I don't like shared tipping either. That means people performing poorly get the same as the people that are great.

I definitely agree people return to a place because they got good service more than because they got good food - at least in sit down restaurants. After all if they have a good chef and use fresh ingredients it will probably taste good. But then, unlike T, I love food.

Kat said...

in china they don't tip. rumor has it mao once said something to the effect of, "service workers work for their country. that is their reward."