No Longer My Mother

Tuesday, October 26, 2004
I had lunch with my (ex)Mom today. She asked me if I had turned in my absentee ballot yet and I told her no but that I was pretty much ready to. I asked her if she had voted yet and for who. She said yes she had, and for Bush.

I no longer have a mother. I asked her how the hell she could vote for that Moron. She gave me the standard answer of "he is a flip-flopper" and a bunch of other stuff she couldn't substantiate. I decided to drop the subject rather than get into an argument with my mother.

I understand what is going on. My mother just always votes Republican. She, like me, hates big government and believes we are taxed too heavily. This is odd considering my mother is in one of the lower tax brackets but all the more reason to respect her since she doesn't think the government should be taking care of her or anyone else.


T said...

For those of you who don't get it. I'm joking. Yes my mom voted for Bush, no I'm not really all that upset.