The Trip Part 2

Thursday, November 18, 2004
I actually have a lot of other thigns to blog about but I'll give a quick update about my trip and then save the other post for some other time.

So the rest of the trip went fine. Strange enough on my trip from Philly to L.A. I got the "S" again on my ticket and had to go through the extensive screening process again. I wonder what algorithm the airlines use to mark people for a security screening. There is no way it is random because the chances of me getting it on 3 consecutive flights has to be pretty small.

I really enjoyed seeing Jenny again. I got to meet a lot of her friends and I liked them all. I'm glad I can leave my humanitarian efforts on Jenny in good hands :) It is always strange to go back on to campus. The students look younger and younger and the buildings keep changing. Isn't the world supposed to stop when I'm not around?

I don't really have that much to say about the rest of the trip. It was kind of low key and nothing terribly exciting except I started kicking Jenny's butt, as soon as her beginner's luck wore off, at Hand and Foot and I saw The Incredibles which I think may be the best animated flick ever produced.


Jenny said...

Um, well, I think you should take into account that I kicked your butt while I was still awake and coherent. Those last two games I was seriously lagging and tired.

T said...

As my old basketball coach used to say "Excuses are for Grandmas who fart"

Jose Anes said...

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