Are you a stalker.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004
I can't believe someone did a study to find out what behavior patterns exist in mall-parking-lot seekers. According to the survey there are 4 types.

1. Search and Destroy - roam the aisles, cruising endlessly for the perfect spot
2. lay and wait - position themselves at the end of an aisle and wait for a space to open up
3. stalkers - the most predatory, slowly follow shoppers leaving the store back to their parking spot.
4 see it and take it - just take the first available spot no matter how far they walk

Without a doubt I'm a "see it and take it" guy. Unless the person is already in the car and is about to back out in the next 20 seconds I will not wait for a spot. It is just a waste of time and too stressful to continually wait for the "perfect" spot. For me, the perfect spot is the one that is open.


susan said...

See it and take it! Only way.

Anonymous said...

I usually drive up near the store or business I'm going to, then do a mini search and destroy as I drive away from the target, so that my ultimate "see it and take it" ends up closer than if I just took the first space I see upon parking lot entry. At this time of year, if I see the lot is packed I just see it and take it as close to the EXIT as possible. I don't care how far I walk. The survey left out "shade seekers" who, in high heat, look for the shadiest spot regardless of location in the lot.

David Cho said...

I always get a kick out of seeing people endlessly looking for the perfect spot in the health club parking lot! Aren't they there to WORK OUT?