Poor Bambi

Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Bambi gets it bad. Bambi might be just the most feminine name there is but do people realize that Bambi was a male deer? Not only was he a male deer but he was prince, and eventually king of the forest.

How did Bambi become such a feminine name? I know Bambi was a pretty cute deer but jeez, to be synonymous with girls is just a little much. Poor guy. Was Bambi even a name before the Disney movie came out?


David Cho said...

My guess is because the name sounds very similar to Barbi.

Ryan said...

1. You probably mean Barbie not "Barbi"

2. Bambi came out in 1942 and has always been effeminate. Barbie didn't show up until 1959 and started off as an elegant woman, only later to become cute.