Who Would Your Parents Be?

Monday, May 02, 2005
I feel like I need a completely frivolous post so I will pose a question someone asked me.

If you could choose any two famous people to be your parents, who would you choose and why?

I chose Warren Buffett and Serena Williams. OK, odd combination I know but let me explain. Buffet, not because he is rich but because he is successful, intelligent, and very humble. He has a folksy humor and wisdom that I find particularly charming.

I would choose Serena Williams because I love sports and want an athletic gene. I didn't want to pick a male athlete because

A) most of them cheat on their spouses and would make lousy fathers
B) I wanted to pick Warren Buffett
C) I'm pretty sure Serena could beat up most male Athletes.
D) racial harmony and I have always liked how mixes look. :)

So what would you do?


Amanda said...

I like my parents just fine, but I have always secretly wished that James Earl Jones was my paternal grandfather. He has such an awesome voice, I bet he tells his grandkids great bedtime stories.

David Cho said...

Mother - Britney Spears
Another Mother - Nicole Kidman

Dave Has Two Mommies.

T said...

I like who I am, even if i don't like my dad, so yeah I wouldn't really change my parents.

But this was strictly a hypothetical question not meant to mean, "If you could have your way, who would your parents be?" type of thing.

Oh and Dave, I would never want a really hot woman as my mother. Having a MILF for a mom and your friends drooling over it can't be any fun.

David Cho said...

That's fine with me.

Are people allowed to adopt older people as children? I know that one does not have to be underaged to be adopted, but can they be older than their adoptive parents?

I would like Nicole Kidman to adopt me even though she is younger.