Sit 'N Sleep Has Never Given Away a Free Mattress

Friday, January 11, 2008
There is a company that sells mattresses called Sit 'N Sleep. They are located mostly in the Los Angeles area. The radio spot states, "Sit 'n Sleep will beat anyone's advertised price, or your mattress is FREEEEE!!!"

This really really bothers me. The commercial makes no sense. There is no way that Sit 'N Sleep has ever made good on this promise. Here is why. Why on earth wouldn't they match the price? Forget the fact that you won't find the exact same mattress at another store. The problem is that from a logical perspective they would ALWAYS be better off matching the price. There is nothing less than free. So the commercial just bugs me because it doesn't make any sense. If the advertised price of the competitor was $0.01, Sit 'N Sleep would still be better off taking the penny.


Anonymous said...

sit and sleep slogan is a big scam. It means nothing. s he names are not the same. so who will they Match? That is the BIG question... noone. they will not even match a price quote I got at another store. WHAT A SCAM. I can't wait until some lawyer sues them for false advertising.

Anonymous said...

I also have to agree with this scam. It's been over a year and still trying to solve our mattress problem. They were not even cooperative to correct their problem on an incorrect delivery address. I had to cancel the order.

Anonymous said...

These ads piss me off too. Also, on and off, they offer credit for your mattress in trade for the new one.

Problem is, in their ads they say "Cash for your old mattress, towards the purchase..." They use the word "cash" at least three times in the ad.

The buyer never sees CASH, it's credit towards a mattress purchase.


Anonymous said...

Seriously. My 9-year-old nephew knew this was a scam. He said the same thing except he didn't say " a penny", he said "$5". I asked a Sit N Sleep salesperson how many "freeeeee" matresses he had given away and he said "zero in 8 years". I applaud his honesty.

Zachary Isom said...

In high school I sat next to this girl in English whose mother was the secretary for Larry (the main guy in the commercials). She used to complain about having to go to sport events all the time with him and she pretty much told me all these "secrets" of the business too. She also said Larry is an asshole in person and (as you can tell from the sporting events) loved show-boating his money around. The poor souls who fall for their tricks.