Whatever happened to Best Buy

Saturday, January 05, 2008
I use to love going to Best Buy. Not only did they have a great variety of stuff, but they usually had a pretty good deal on the things I was looking for.

However, lately this has not been the case. They still have one of the better selections around (Fry's is better but they aren't as omnipresent) but I almost never find a deal that entices me to buy whatever it is I might be looking for. I went today to look for an earpiece for my phone. Important now because I'm talking on it a lot more with my girlfriend and California's impending headset law. However they didn't have any headset that was on sale. I don't particularly care which one I get, I just want a good deal on one.

I'm sure Best Buy went away from this because special deals lowers the margin they make at a store, and thus makes the numbers look bad. But I think they have went away from why people like myself liked them. I'm now much more likely to just stop going to Best Buy and switch most of my electronics shopping online.