Honesty Doesn't Pay

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Normally, I love Costco. I like that they a liberal return policy, even if I rarely if ever use it.

About a month ago, I bought an air mattress for my girlfriend who was going to need it at her new place. It ended up that she didn't need it so I decided to go return it. Normally, at Costco, you do not need a receipt because they can look up the item on your card and that is sufficient. So I didn't bother looking for the receipt.

However, I had purchased the item after my membership was up for renewal. I don't pay for the membership, my brother does, so I told the cashier this. He said that was fine, and overrode the computer, letting me purchase the item. I did not realize that this was not noted on my card however.

When I went to return it, the lady helping me must have been in a bad mood. She was very short with me and acted like I had stolen her first born child or something. After finding how much the item was, she had asked a co-worker if there was a discount on the item. Without the discount, it was $129,99. I spoke up and said, yes, in fact I did receive a discount. if I said nothing, she would have had to give me back $129.99. She found the discount, and applied it. However, it was for $30 while I only got a $20 discount. I told her this and she said to me, very rudely, "Either you take the $99 or you leave with the item." I was in shock with her rudeness. Costco is known for their good customer service, and this lady was not showing it.

Goes to show you, honestly doesn't always pay. If I would have just kept my mouth shut, I would have gotten $30 more. Oh well.