Women Overthink Men

Sunday, January 13, 2008
I was asking my friend what she was doing this weekend and she told me how her friend wanted to go shopping for a new dress for a party that she was going to. I asked her if she was doing it to impress some guy that was going to be at the party. This turned the conversation toward why women go to such great lengths to impress men.

Now I'm a strong believer that a little bit of work on yourself goes a long way. I'm fully for someone spending time on your hair and putting on makeup that suits you. If you want to put on a special outfit to impress that special someone, great. But very quickly the law of diminishing returns happen. While spending one hour getting ready might make sense, spending three hours probably does not. While picking out a special dress might help, spending a day and a fortune on a new one probably does not.

Most men are not detail oriented. They aren't going to notice that special extra touch that you did just for them. Women should accept this and understand this. Most women actually get upset that men don't recognize these fine little touches but it is just the nature of man. We are always looking at the bigger picture and not so much on the fine details.