The Good Weather Charm

Thursday, September 16, 2004
I must be good luck when it comes to good weather.

This last week was supposedly insanely hot here in Southern California. I was all the while in NYC enjoying some of the finest weather the city has seen all year. While it did rain once, and quite hard , when I was there I was peacefully asleep in my hotel the entire time and missed the brunt of it. In fact, one weather system that was supposed to hit at the end of the week never materialized.

Now I'm back in California and the weather is pretty good. Good enough to make me think that all my friends here were lying.

It reminds my of when I went to Princeton. The year before I attended was the worst snow storm in recent memory. So bad they actually moved back reading period which they never ever do. They did so because a lot of students couldn't get back to New Jersey in time. Of course I get to Princeton and it barely snows my Freshman year. In fact it didn't snow at all my Sophomore year which is why we didn't run the Nude Olympics that year. All the while in California they were experience severe El-Nino type weather.

Wonder what will happen if I move again?


Meghan said...

I, too, am from So Cal, and I too attended an east coast college, and in my sophmore year we had our first snow day...SNOW DAY?? Wha? No school? Because of the weather? Surely you jest...