V6 Power

Thursday, September 23, 2004
Yesterday I drove a Mustang. Boy was it a piece of crap. First of all, way too small and second of all the power on the car was just horrible. I would step on the gas assuming that I would accelerate and it would just take forever for it to kick in. Why the heck do people buy this car?

Makes me really glad I opted for the V6 in my Accord. I'm probably just spoiled but I have to say that the V6 makes for one hell of a better ride. The negatives of a bigger engine are of course that you get worse gas mileage. In these times, with the price of gas so high, that can be significant. For me it isn't a big factor so the positives outweigh any negatives. The positives being

1. Much better acceleration, crucial when trying to pass someone on the road or merge into traffic.
2. A much smoother ride. The car doesn't work as hard at lower speeds. This is very noticeable if you are use to a more powerful engine.
3. Climbing hills, you can actually accelerate.
4. Its just more fun.

This is the reason why America faces a gas crisis. People like me with more engine than the reallly need are clogging up the highways. I say raise gas prices way up and show people like me what we can do with our bigger more powerful engines.


Ryan said...

I too have test driven a Mustang and was greatly underimpressed. Not only is the acceleration sluggish the steering is sloppy and the suspension is somewhere in between comfort and performance but missing both. I don't understand why people would buy it other than for the name. And name should carrie little weight since Mustang's golden age was nearly four decades ago and the car was radically different.