A Little Privacy

Thursday, September 09, 2004
There are many reasons why I don't date more than I do. One of the reasons manifested itself yesterday.

Most people who know me well know I'm a pretty open guy about certain things. I don't have a lot of shame or guilt so I'm willing to talk about almost any aspect of my life quite openly. However there are parts of my life I like to keep private.

Yesterday I had a friend of mine ask me about a relationship I had a while back. She had no real reason to know about the relationship and to be honest it doesn't matter if she knows or not. The thing that bothers me is that the only way she could possibly know is if another friend of mine told her about it. This other friend had no reason to ever bring it up and the only thing it could have been is idle gossip.

I would probably date more if I didn't think I would be the topic of stupid gossip. I'm probably just as guilty as some other people out there and talk about my friends when I probably shouldn't. I hate the idea that if I started dating a friend of a friend my friend would hear about all the details or give me a hard time if it didn't all work out. That's why I'm almost certain that the next girl I date will probably be a complete stranger to the rest of my friends.

I never quite understood the mentality of guys waiting a long time to introduce their girlfriends to their friends but I am beginning to understand it a little better. Who wants to deal with all the crap that happens when relationships don't work out?