Snobs of all kind

Tuesday, September 21, 2004
On the radio just right now I heard a commentator say, "I hate today's music. It all sounds the same"

This just makes me think of all those snobs who don't think anything is good anymore or that anything of a certain genre is all crap. I mean do I love Heavy Metal? No. Do I think it is all crap? No. I mean can millions of people really be wrong?

While I do believe that I'm right and others are wrong becauseI trust my own taste, that does not mean I don't have an open mind to hear alternatives. I mean, once in my life I was actually proven wrong about something. I know you are shocked that I'm not ALWAYS right but it did actually happen ... once.

I can't think what type of snob I am. I sure I am a snob about something I just don't know what. If anybody knows what type of snob I am please let me know. What type of snob are you?


David Cho said...
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